Power Like It’s 1949: Xi Revamping Party Authority

As China braces for an uncertain economic future, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is furiously ushering in a pro-government campaign that provides the Party a rejuvenated degree of authority. Yet, the most distinct aspect of this movement has been the vivid face of this power reconsolidation campaign—the face of the Party leader himself, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China’s Economic Slowdown: Consequential, Not Catastrophic

To best understand the reasons behind China’s wild ride in the stock market during the initial stages of 2016, it is important to recognize that this instability is a significant reflection of a broader structural trend with regard to the country’s economic future.

China Using Global Investments to Develop a World of its Own

China’s substantial and ever-growing financial investment in the developing world has garnered new allies, strengthened trade relations, and increased access to oil and other natural resources among these resource-rich countries. This trend is positioning China for enormous influence over future international policy and trade.

Crossing the Strait: First Post-WWII Meeting of China-Taiwan Presidents

This past weekend, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou gathered for a meeting, followed by a dinner, at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. This unexpected meeting, announced only days before President Xi’s already scheduled official visit to Singapore, was the first time leaders from each country have met since 1945—when Chiang Kai-shek…

The Race for Renewables: China Outpacing U.S. on Clean Energy

The international community tends to associate China with environmental degradation—and for good reason: China is responsible for one-third of Earth’s greenhouse gas output and host to 16 of the planet’s 20 most polluted cities. Recent headlines disclose that China—the world’s largest producer of carbon emissions—is actually burning up to 17% more coal per year than…

Royal Welcome: UK Rolls Out Red Carpet for China’s Xi Jinping

In Great Britain this week, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with British Prime Minister David Cameron—the two convening to discuss major bilateral deals through which China will invest $46 billion in the UK economy. Cameron has declared that these deals will create 3,900 new jobs in the UK, though the Conservatives neglect to mention that the…