China’s Tightening Environmental Enforcement Disrupting Company Supply Chains

Intensifying nationwide environmental enforcement is affecting foreign company supply chain management, compliance, and reporting procedures in China. New rounds of environmental inspections have already led to increased supply chain disruption and, in some cases, factory shutdowns for months. This pervasive nationwide trend has important implications for companies as they approach environmental compliance.

The Pulse of China’s Healthcare

The Chinese healthcare sector, which accounted for 6 percent of the country’s GDP in 2016, is expected to capture a 10 percent share in the coming years. Racing to establish a modern system of coverage, services, and products to accommodate the world’s largest population and fastest growing economy, China faces a number of development challenges. As China increasingly makes use of foreign products, services, and expertise to accomplish its reform goals, foreign companies are in a position to advance China’s reform goals in the healthcare sector, if allowed market access.

China Using Big Data to Become Big Brother

Seeking to rebuild trust between people and the government, Beijing has revealed plans for a “social credit system” that rates citizens based on their social and financial standing—effectively turning big data into big brother.

Power Like It’s 1949: Xi Revamping Party Authority

As China braces for an uncertain economic future, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is furiously ushering in a pro-government campaign that provides the Party a rejuvenated degree of authority. Yet, the most distinct aspect of this movement has been the vivid face of this power reconsolidation campaign—the face of the Party leader himself, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China Using Global Investments to Develop a World of its Own

China’s substantial and ever-growing financial investment in the developing world has garnered new allies, strengthened trade relations, and increased access to oil and other natural resources among these resource-rich countries. This trend is positioning China for enormous influence over future international policy and trade.

China Confronts Terrorism at Home and Abroad

Following the Paris attacks on November 13, in which assailants killed 130 people and left 368 injured, world attention has again shifted to a focus on the global fight against terror. This tragic event is further evidence of ISIS’s rise from a mere afterthought to a preeminent threat towards international security and stability. Moreover, the…

The One and Only: China Expands One-Child Policy to Two Children

When the Chinese government announced late last month that the almost four decade-long one-child policy was coming to an end, many rejoiced at the news that couples are now permitted to have two children. This is a major policy shift for a country that has sought to limit the continued growth of its enormous population…